Investment strand

Investment strand is available in Version 2 (V2) only. 

Course overview

The Investment strand gives students an in-depth understanding of the investment concepts, legislation and regulations that are of particular relevance to the provision of investment services. It also looks at the relationship between investment products/services, and individuals’ needs, applying the principles of investment analysis to ensure appropriate solutions to investment needs.

The content of the Investment strand includes:

  • Investment asset classes, financial instruments, and investment services and how they are used to create investment solutions that meet client needs.
  • Portfolio management techniques and the concept of investment risk and return and its relevance to developing or implementing investment strategies.
  • The legislative and regulatory framework applicable to the investment sector.
  • The use of financial and non-financial investment assets and services to meet identified investment objectives.
  • The use of quantitative and qualitative analysis techniques to determine whether an analysed option meets predetermined requirements.

This strand is suitable for those wishing to work in the areas of paraplanning, investment/adviser support, custody officer, financial services regulation, investment product management and business development managers.

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