Completion Subsidy

Do you qualify for the Completion Subsidy?

This funding is to support students who enrol and complete their New Zealand Certificate in Financial Services (Level 5) (NZCFS Level 5), via Strategi Institute.

The Completion Subsidy is ONLY available on completion of the NZCFS Level 5, defined as Core strand plus one specialist strand.

Who is eligible?

To qualify for the Completion Subsidy, students will have to:

  1. Enrol and complete the NZCFS Level 5 between seven (7) and eight (8) months.
  2. Fully complete at least 10 credits within the first three months of training. Depending on which strands you will be completing, this will be equivalent to one or two assignments.

How much is the Completion Subsidy?

The amount Strategi Institute will pay you is $500 plus GST per student and will be paid in arrears after the Certificate has been issued. Strategi Institute will pay the subsidy to the student (or the person/entity that paid for the study) within two months of completion of the Certificate, assuming it has all the information required to enable this.

When can you not receive the Completion Subsidy?

Students cannot claim the Completion Subsidy when:

  1. You have already completed one or more of the NZCFS Level 5 strands;
  2. Your intention is to only do a specific strand and there is no intention to complete the NZCFS Level 5 qualification;
  3. NZCFS Level 5 study is not completed between 7 and 8 months; and
  4. 10 credits are not achieved within the first three months of enrolment.

Things to consider before enrolling

Strategi Institute has various study options available to students. When looking at these options keep the following in mind:

  • Classroom facilitated and online facilitated classroom training provide the best education outcome. The classroom training can be combined with online/distance training when completing the NZCFS Level 5 qualification. The Completion Subsidy amount will be the same no matter which training option is chosen.
  • If cost is a key issue, then online training is the most affordable. Being able to receive the Completion Subsidy will help to significantly reduce your overall investment in your education.
  • When opting into funded training, ensure there is time available to complete the training within the 8-month period. Any extension beyond the 8-months will result in becoming ineligible for the Completion Subsidy after completion.

Please find additional information about the Completion Subsidy terms and conditions on the Candidate Guidelines web page. You can also check out the Completion Subsidy FAQs, or alternatively contact us for more information.